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Unlike beauty salons, off the shelf whiteners, and most general dental practices, we specialise in and are dedicated to whitening teeth.


We have a proven track record, performing hundreds of whitening treatments per year. You will benefit from our vast knowledge and experience using only the latest techniques, knowledge and best whitening materials available.


All of our whitening treatments are carried out by fully qualified and experienced dental professionals.


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We follow up with every one of our clients, making sure you are 100% satisfied with the level of professionalism and the results of your teeth whitening.


We are committed to whitening your smile!

Will my teeth whiten?

In almost all cases great results can be achieved from teeth whitening. However although rare, sometimes teeth do not lighten at all. If this happens and you are following your customized whitening protocol as recommended, you may need to try an alternative whitening product or a higher concentration of the whitening material.


As with all teeth whitening, this treatment is only effective on natural teeth. If you have white filings, crowns or veneers in your front teeth they will not lighten.


If you have white fillings in the front teeth that match the existing shade of your teeth before you whiten your teeth, they may not match the teeth afterwards. This is because your teeth will lighten, but your fillings will not. Once you have completed your teeth whitening treatment, these fillings can be replaced to match the new colour of your teeth. Normally we would wait 2 weeks before changing these fillings.

Which whitening treatment is best for me?

Every ones teeth are different. Some teeth are discoloured due to superficial factors from diet and smoking. Other teeth are discoloured due to absorptive staining from medication, such as antibiotics.

We offer a complimentary whitening consultation so we can assess your expectations and the nature of your tooth discolouration. At the end of this consultation we will advise you which whitening treatment is best suited for your teeth to give you the best possible result.

How long will I need to whiten for?

This depends on the original shade of your teeth, and the amount of lightening that you desire .

Mildly stained teeth will whiten quite quickly, whereas quite dark,very yellow,grey and tetracycline stained teeth will take longer.

Whitening treatments can range from a one hour appointment to several months depending on the amount of whitening required.

How will my teeth feel?

Your teeth will feel very clean after the whitening treatment. You may also experience some slight sensitivity which is only short lived.

Will Whitening harm my teeth and gums?

No, safety studies have shown that teeth whitening prescribed by dentists is perfectly safe for the teeth, gums, checks, tongue and tissues in the mouth. We have been whitening smiles for over 20yrs and there have been no incidents of damage to the teeth or gums.


Our Pola Whiteing gel contains the active whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide which penetrates your enamel and dentine to dissolve the stains present in your teeth, as a result, you are left with a brighter, whiter smile.. It does not remove any of your enamel.

What do I do if I have any sensitivity?

Sensitivity of teeth is the most common side effect of teeth whitening. This occurs usually around the necks of the teeth where the gums have receded. Sensitivity if experienced is only short lived and can managed in several ways. This includes altering your whitening protocol and the use of desenitising agents (soothe and de-sensitising tooth paste).


If you are using whitening trays, and you experience any sensitivity you should stop whitening  your teeth for a few days. You can resume after about 3-4 days. If the teeth become ultra sensitive you can place  sensitive  toothpaste or soothe into  the bleaching trays for an hour a day. That will usually stop the sensitivity. Alternatively you can rub the de-sensitising toothpaste into the gum margins with your finger 5 times per day for a few days.


If you are at all concerned, please contact us.

My teeth have tetracycline (antibiotic) staining can you help me?

The treatment of tetracycline staining using tooth whitening has seen varying degrees of success over many years. The success of the treatment of tetracycline staining depends on the depth, severity and degree of tetracycline discolouration.

It’s the tetracycline molecules in the tooth’s dentine that make it more difficult for the bleaching gel to penetrate into the teeth and change their colour.

In most cases, with we have had great success with whitening these teeth. By following our recommended whitening protocol, you will improve their colour. The treatment time can take between 3-6-9-12 months.

What happens if the teeth do not bleach evenly?

If the teeth have white spots on them before you begin whitening, these spots will appear whiter during the first few days, however  as you continue to whiten, they will become less evident as the contrast between the spots and the rest of the teeth will be less .


You may notice new white spots occurring on the teeth while you are whitening your teeth. These white spots were already present on the teeth before bleaching. As the teeth become lighter they become more visible. Do not worry. As the whole tooth itself becomes lighter these spots will fade.

Some teeth may appear banded with lighter/ whiter areas. Again these bandings are originally present on the tooth. As the tooth is dark these bandings are not obvious. As the tooth becomes lighter, the lighter parts of the tooth will lighten first followed by the darker banded area. After a week or so these will not be noticeable any more.


Persistant white or brown spots can usually be removed by a treatment knows as microabrasion.

How long will it last? Will I ever have to whiten again?

In most cases, the new white colour of your teeth will last a long time. Some clients may need to do a top up treatment after 3-4 years, others do not.  However this is dependent on what caused the teeth to discolour in the first instance. If you are a heavy smoker or drink lots of coffee, red wine, cola drinks the whiteness of your teeth will fade after time and will require additional maintenance.

Who should NOT undergo teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 16yrs old or for pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid any teeth whitening procedure .

If you have gum disease, broken teeth or fillings, exposed roots,or  incomplete dental treatment it is recommended these issues are resolved first,  before beginning any teeth whitening procedure.



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